Do new copiers really depreciate 75% after the first few months of use?

How to Buy a Used Copier
May 8, 2014

The copier must be in showroom condition and have been used less than 1 months (as rated by the manufacturers recommended monthly volume) in order for the machine to even be accepted into the resale program.

This would be the equivalent of buying a recent car with fewer than 2K miles.

If you are looking for a graphic quality color copy machine then you want to concern yourself less with multi-functionality and focus more on the amount of toner the color copier lies down and how well it can fuse to heavier card stock like Xerox or Ricoh high volume copiers.

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  1. Mark says:

    You are locked into a contract to. For small businesses, especially startups, being locked into a printer lease can be a negative news. As businesses change their printing needs evolve, and a printer that was leased when the company only had 5 employees may not be adequate for a 20-person office.

  2. Sara says:

    Leasing equipment wouldn’t be a business if it wasn’t profitable, and the reason it’s profitable is because the lessee pays interest on it. At the end of a lease term, most lessees will have paid more than the actual value of the copier leased.

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